Summer pasta salad. Since our last post we have now both changed location. I am back in England & Bristol and Myrna is lucky enough to spend a month of her summer in her home country Italy. This is a recipe she sent me after her first week there, a great summer recipe that can be enjoyed both as dinner & lunch (something I experienced as it is also delicious the day after but then cold). It is even nicer if you eat it together with a green salad. I ate it together with some fresh baby spinach, some more tomatoes & beetroot. Really tasty! I hope you will think the same. 


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We are Myrna & Fanny, two graphic design students interested in food. This term Fanny is on an exchange in Rotterdam so we decided to exchange recipes while she is away. This is the blog of our exchanging recipes and the results of the other person making them. We hope that it will inspire you to try and make them too.

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